Vodavi STS Phone

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Has 24 flexible buttons, 3 interactive soft keys, 2 x 24 character display, speaker phone, volume control, hold, intercom, flash, transfer, conference, forward, mute, and speed dial.

Features Include:
24 Flexible Buttons, Caller ID, LCD Display, Hold Key. Call Conference, 3 Active Soft Keys, Public Address, Speed Dial, Call Coverage, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Do Not Disturb, Message Waiting Light, Personalized Messages, Speaker Phone, and many more.

Hold the phone.... Rather than offering multiple phone models, we've packed all the features you need in one handsome, easy to use speaker phone. The Vodavi STS Phone has 24 flexible buttons that can be programmed to monitor stations in use, enable one touch speed dial, or to enable system features such as Do Not Disturb, All Call Page, and many more. The phone also has 3 interactive soft keys positioned directly below the 2 x 24 character display that enable quick access to common system features. The phone is CTI capable as well. The speakerphone enables convenient hands-free use and the volume control independently controls both handset and speaker volume.