Vodavi Starplus DHS

Vodavi DHS Phones

Vodavi DHS Display Phone

Vodavi DHS Display Phone

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Known as the executive phone as it has a display for caller ID and other functions.

Vodavi DHS Phone

Vodavi DHS Phone

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The standard phone does not have a non display phone for users that do not need as many features.

Vodavi DHS Expansion Cards

Vodavi DHS 3 X 8 Card

Vodavi DHS 3 X 8 card

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The 3 x 8 module provides interface of three loop-start CO lines and eight DHS key telephones. Each CO line circuit incorporates over-voltage protection, ring detector, loop detector, loop/pulse-dial relay, current sink circuit, coupling/isolation transformer (impedance 600:Ohms), hybrid circuit and combo (CODEC and filter) polarity guard circuit and radio frequency noise filter.  Each digital key telephone port is comprised of a proprietary transceiver designed using ISDN type 2B+D architecture.  Physical connection of stations and CO lines to the 3 x 8 module is made through one male 25-pair, amphenol-type connector to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF). Station power and signaling to the digital key telephones are provided via a single twisted pair from the 3 x 8 module.

Vodavi DHS 6 Port CO Card

Vodavi DHS 6 Port CO Card

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The 6-Port CO Module may be installed in place of a 3 x 8 module in the last card position. The 6-Port CO Module interfaces with 6 loop-start CO lines. No digital station interface is provided on this module. The 6-Port CO Module is shipped with four mounting stand-offs used to install the board into the Basic KSU, two 6-conductor modular line cords and two 6-conductor modular blocks. The mounting cords and modular blocks are used to extend the CO line interface circuits to the MDF for connection. Each CO line circuit consists of an over-voltage protector, ring detector, loop detector, loop/pulse-dial relay, current sink circuit, isolation transformer, hybrid circuit and COMBO (CODEC and filter).

Vodavi DHS Options Module

Vodavi DHS Options Module

The Option Module replaces the standard MOH/BGM Module. The Option Module contains two DTMF receivers and two Tone Detectors that enable the following features: Dial Tone Detection, External Call Forwarding, Direct Inward System Access, Automatic Busy Redial and Unsupervised Conference. Interface circuits and hardware connectors are provided for SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording), PC Programming, Caller ID, Loud Bell Control, External Voice Paging and two music sources. Connectors for SMDR and PC Programming are 9-pin RS-232 (serial) connectors. Connectors for Loud Bell Control, External Voice Paging, MOH/BGM and BGM2 are 1/8 in. phono type connectors.

Vodavi DHS Control Unit

Vodavi DHS Control Unit

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The Vodavi Starplus DHS provides three lines in X eight digital stations with expansion to six lines in x sixteen telephones.

Combines performance, quality and value to provide a communications system you can count on for all your organization's needs. STARPLUS DHS systems are specifically engineered to provide growing businesses advanced technology and the ability to expand without loss of a large initial investment. STARPLUS DHS offers an affordable communication solution that fits your business needs. The basic DHS system is perfect for a small business. Starting with 3 lines and 8 stations with expandability up to 8 lines and 16 stations, or 9 lines and 24 stations. For businesses that need more lines than the basic DHS system, Vodavi’s DHS-E is ready with expanded capabilities for up to 18 lines and 48 stations.

Fully equipped for hands-free speakerphone operation. Expanded to 28 buttons, 8 fixed and 20 user-programmable feature buttons. Equipped with dual color LED's that are pre-assigned default settings. Includes User Guide. Requires 1 station port.

Vodavi Starplus DHS telephones are available in your choice of Charcoal Gray and Off-White and are designed for communication effectiveness. Red and green LEDs make for a simpler user interface where the present call displays green and a busy line shows red. Flexible feature buttons and soft keys put sophisticated call processing at your fingertips.


  • Additional device port on every phone
  • Call forwarding and call announce
  • All call paging and call park
  • Single line telephone support
  • Programmable softkeys
  • Caller ID optional
  • Do not disturb

One of Vodavi's three flexible DHS business systems is sure to meet your needs

  • DHS 3 X 8 expands to 12 X 16 or 9 X 24.
  • DHS E expands to 18 X 48.
  • DHS-L 8 X 8 expands to 72 X 144.
  • plus T1 capability.

Incredible!  Your business can take advantage of the extremely affordable Vodavi Starplus DHS phone systems with voice mail that will set a price cap on business phone systems in the years to come.

Affordable Vodavi phone systems starter kits available starting with 4 phones with growth to 24 incoming lines & 48 phone extensions.

Through dedication and customer satisfaction, we are working for you. We will consistently provide phone systems. phone systems repair services and business practices that meet and exceed our customer's greatest  expectations.  We would be happy to bid on your Vodavi Phone Systems, Starplus STS, DHS and voice mail needs

Digial Hybrid System - Your business needs a reliable telephone system that incorporates today's sophisticated digital technology with features that make business communications easy and efficient. You don't have to spend a fortune on complicated applications you don't need, and cumbersome equipment that requires an advanced degree to use. The solution is the Vodavi STARPLUS DHS - the Digital Hybrid System designed to meet the communication needs of small business.

Engineered for Small Business
The Vodavi STARPLUS DHS combines performance, quality and value to provide small businesses with a communications system they can count on. System size starts from 3 lines and 8 telephones with flexible expansion up to 9 lines and 24 telephones or 12 lines and 16 telephones. This is a telephone system specifically engineered for small business with features designed to maximize employee productivity.

Features that are Actually Easy to Use
Don't be intimidated when we tell you that the Vodavi STARPLUS DHS includes over 200 system and station features. We know that having loads of features doesn't help if they're too complicated to use. So the Vodavi STARPLUS DHS actually makes features easy to access through both the large LCD screen's menu prompts and soft keys which can be programmed with specific features so each user can customize to meet their needs.

A Contemporary Styled User Interface Increases Employee Productivity...and Satisfaction
Communication is critical and your telephone is your primary communication tool. It has to function efficiently in order for you to communicate effectively. We designed the Vodavi STARPLUS DHS telephones to promote communication effectiveness. Red and green LED's differentiate the line you are using from the other lines in use. Programmable feature buttons and soft keys give you one touch access to the features you use most. The large dial pad helps ensure accuracy every time you dial.

ADP Provides an Unmatched Level of Connectivity and Flexibility
With the Vodavi STARPLUS DHS, you can use the optional Analog Adapters to connect any single line device such as a fax, modem, credit card verifier, cordless phone or answering machine to the digital telephone's ADP jack. Each device has a separate extension number so you can use them simultaneously, increasing user productivity and enhancing customer service. Imagine being able to fax a document while talking on the phone or verify a credit card number while the customer is still on the phone.

Analog Adapters Provide Greater Expandability
Optional Analog Adapters generate "port gain" which provides the flexibility to split the digital channel and serve two single-line devices with one digital port. Up to 46 analog units can be supported by the system using this approach. Likewise, "pair-gain" solves logistical challenges when you need expansion in a location that is limited by the number of cables serving it.

Voice Over Busy Ensures Access to Busy Stations
With Voice Over Busy, you can communicate with an inside party that is either on a call or using the speaker phone, without interrupting the outside party. A reply can be sent to the display of the inside party via the Mute button toggle.

Soft Keys Eliminate Programming Problems
Say goodbye to time consuming, complex programming and access codes. Soft keys located under the super-sharp LCD enable you to instantly access the most commonly used features as they are displayed on the screen. Want to make a conference call? Just push the button as it appears on the display!

Flexible Keyset Operation
With Vodavi STARPLUS H-T-P operation, a flexible button can be programmed for station users to receive internal calls hands free (two-way), with a tone signal or in privacy mode (call announce only). Dual color LEDs indicate your selection.

Direct Inward System Access (DISA) Provides Accessibility
With DISA. authorized system users can call in from any touch-tone telephone and access the system's CO lines to make outgoing calls expanding the reach of your office system. Benefit from system's features such as; conferencing, transferring and call forwarding from your home or when your on the road. In addition, callers can dial a station directly, eliminating the need for them to be transferred to the attendant.

Vodavi STARPLUS DHS System and Station Feature Highlights

  Optional Feature
Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Account Codes (Unverified)
  • Account Codes (Verified)/Traveling COS
  • Aditional Device Ports (ADP)
  • Alarm Clock
  • All Call Paging
  • Alternate Attendant Position
  • Analog Adapters*
  • Attendant Recall
  • Automatic Busy Redial*
  • Automatic Privacy
  • Background Music Sources (2)*
  • Battery Backup (System* and Memory)
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
  • Call Announce - Privacy
  • Call Back
  • Call Forward (per Station or CO Line)
  • Call Forward Busy/No Answer
  • Call Forward Off Net*
  • Call Park
  • Calling Party Indication
  • Call Pick-up
  • Camp-on
  • Centrex Compatibility
  • CO Line Groups (4)
  • CO Line Identification
  • Conference (4 Parties)
  • Data Feature
  • Day/Night Class of Service (COS)
  • DTMF Receivers (2)*
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA) Lines*
  • Distinctive Ringing on CO Lines
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Flexible Button Assignment
  • Dual Color LEDs
  • External Paging*
  • Flexible Ring Assignment
  • Group Call Pick-up
  • Handsfree Answerback
  • Handset Compatibility
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Hunt Groups
  • Interactive LCD Display
  • Loop Button CO Line Access
  • Meet Me Page
  • Night Service Mode
  • Off-Hook Preference
  • Paging (Internal/External)*
  • Personalized LCD Messages
  • PBX Dialing Codes
  • Phone Lock
  • Privacy
  • Privacy Release
  • Private Lines
  • Soft Keys
  • Station ID Lock
  • Station Message Detail Recording*
  • Station Relocation
  • Station Speed Dial Numbers (20)
  • System Speed Dial Numbers (80)
  • Text Messaging
  • Toll Restriction
  • Voice Mail Integration*
  • Voice Over Busy
  • Volume Controls
  • 110/220V AC Power Supply

* Optional Feature
Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.