Vodavi Cordless Phone

Vodavi STS Cordless Phone

If you would like to add a cordless phone to your existing Vodavi or Vertical phone system please call 800 619 9566 for assistance as you may need to upgrade the firmware revision on your system.

This Dect 6.0 Cordless Phones Requires Version 2 Firmware to work with the Vodavi STSE Phone System..

With the handset on hook dial 635 to view firmware version in the phones display.
If you do not have the version 2 firmware, you will have to upgrade the firmware.
Upgrading the Vodavi STSE phone system firmware erases all existing programming.

Designed for employees who need the functionality and quality of a multi-line digital phone in a mobile environment. The Ranger provides a full-featured digital cordless solution, while the Ranger SS provides the same feature set plus greater coverage.  Requires one station port.

The Vodavi Dect 6.0 Cordless Phone will only work with the Vodavi Starplus STSE Phone System and will not work with the STS phone system.  To ensure this phone will work with your system please call 800 619 9566