Vodavi Starplus STS Features


Account Codes - Unverified/Verified/Traveling COS
Alarm Key - Diagnostics Alert
Alpha-Numeric Display (Super Twist)
All Call Paging
Automated Attendant (Optional Includes Alternate Ringing Mode)
Analog Adapters
Answering Machine Emulation
Attendant override
Attendant Alert (911 feature)
Attendant Unavailable (Alternate Position)
Attendant - Setting System Day & Night Time
Attendant - Directory by List Programming
Attendant - Software Version Display
Attendant - Speed Dial - System Storing
Attendant Administration
Attendant/Extension Console
Attendant Recall
Automatic Three Mode Operation (Day/Night/Special)
Automatic Hold
Automatic Line Selection (Programmable)
Automatic Mode (Day/Night/Special)
Automatic Privacy
BGM (1) channel - MOH
Barge In
Battery Backup
Busy Lamp Field
Call Announce - Privacy
Call Back
Call Coverage
Call Duration Timer
Call Forward - All Calls
Call Forward - Busy
Call Forward Busy/No Answer
Call Forward Extension Direct
Call Forward - Extension - External
Call Forward - Override
Call Forward - No Answer
Call Park (System/Personal/Station)
Call Pickup (Directed Pickup/Group Pickup)
Caller ID Name & Number
Calling Station Tone Mode
Caller ID Call Table (100-System)
Call Operator/Attendant (Programmable Code)
Caller ID Answered/Unanswered Call Review
Call Transfer
Calling Party Indication
Camp-On Extension
Centrex Compatibility
Class of Service - CO Line
Class of Service - Extension
CO Ring Tones
CO Line Receive Assignment (allows answering ability while restricting outgoing access.)
CO Line Ring Assignment
CO Line Type Assignment (PBX, CO, Device Port)
CO Lines Offnet Forward - Incoming (via Speed Dial)
CO Line Group (Pooled Access)
CO Alternate Route
CO Line Name Programming (7-character)
CO Line Assignment (Complete Flexibility)
CO Line Programming Copy
CO Line Ringing Mode (Day/Night/Special)
CO Line Signaling (Tone/Pulse)
CO Line Loop Supervision (Call Abandon)
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Conference (Establish/Exit/Re-enter/Terminate)
CTI Adaptable
Database Programming via TU
Database Programming via PC-DBA
Day/Night Special Mode
Dial Pad Confirmation Tone
Disable Outgoing Co Access
DTMF Receivers (One per Analog Port)
Dial By Name
Distinctive Ringing (On CO/STA)
Discriminating Ringing (Internal/External Call Specific)
Default Numbering Plan
Do Not Disturb Plan
Dual Color LEDs
End to End Signaling
Executive/Secretary Screen
Extension Groups (Paging, Pick Up)
Extension Programming Copy
Extension Swapping
Extension User Name
External Music Source

Fax Detection with Automatic Transfer
Feature Code List
Flexible Feature Button Inquiry
Flexible System Numbering Plan
Flexible Extension Numbering Plan
Flexible Feature Button Programming
Forced CO Call Forward
Forced Intercom Call Forward
Forced Intercom Tone Ring
Forced Release
Group Listening
Headset Mode
Hold Abandon
Holding Call Answer/Select
Hold - Common (System)
Hold - Exclusive
Hold Reminder
Hot Key
Hour Mode Selection
Hot Line
Hunt Groups via UCD-Linear
I-Hold Indication
I-Use Indication
Incoming CO Transfer
Intercom Buttons/Intercom Call/Keyset Mode
Intercom Non Blocking
Interactive Softkeys
Last Number Redial
Mailbox Buttons
Meet me Page
Message Waiting
Music On Hold
Muted Ring
Name in Display
Night Service Activate
OHVO - Off Hook Voice Over
On Hook Dialing
Off Hook Preference/Programming
One Touch Recording
Paging (Internal/External)
Paging (Allow & Deny)
Pause Insertion
PC Database Administration
Personalized Messages
PBX/Centrex on a Flex Button
PBX/Centrex Transfer
Power Supply - 110/220VAC
Privacy Release
Private Line
Pulse to DTMF Conversion
Reminder Tones
Remote Programming via PC-DBA
Repeat Redial
Ringing Line Priority
Saved Number Redial
Screened Transfer
SLT/Analog Device Support
SLT Co Line Flash
SLT Hotline
Station ID Lock
Station Off Net Call Forwarding (via speed dial)
Station Renumbering
Speed Dial (20 per station)
Speed Dial (1000 per system)
Storing Speed Numbers
T1 Capability
Text Messaging
Toll Restriction
UCD (Available/Unavailable Mode)
UCD (Display calls in queue)
UCD Agent Log Off/On
UCD Overflow (Station Forward)
Universal Day/Night Answer
UCD Reroute Destination
UCD Voice Announce Group
User Name Programming
Virtual Number
Voice Mail/Call forward to voice mail groups)
Voice Announce - Handsfree Reply
Volume Controls
Warning Time
Warning Tone
Worksheets (Flex Button Program Worksheet & Speed Dial Program Worksheet)