Vertical Summmit Phones

We have several phones available. The first is an entry level 8 button phone for small business, the second is a 24 button phone for a larger business or a business with the need of a more advanced configuration, and a 30 button phone that has more programmable buttons.

Vertical IP Phones

Vertical IP Phones

If needed, IP phones are going to be most cost effective if a phone is at off-site locations such as a home office or a second business location.

A secure way to connect an IP phone is to have a soft phone installed on a Windows Notebook or Laptop computer and a VPN router installed at the location where the main phone system is located.  A Windows computer with the VPN client software installed can connect securely to your office network and connect the phone to the system over an existing internet connection when traveling.


Door Phones

Paging Systems


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